Monday, September 26, 2011

I think I lost another friendship today.  It's my fault.  They've all been my fault.  I'm not being a good friend.  I'm not being good at... well almost anything.

Gavin says I'm pushing everyone who cares about me away.  He's not right.  I'm not pushing.  It's just too hard to befriend me.  It's not like I'm damaged goods you can put back together.  Damaged goods you can fix.  You can at least mess around with the pieces.  I'm more like an empty bottle.  There's a label on the bottle, so you know I used to be tasty and delicious maybe even "fresh, new and low calorie"  but now I'm just a reminder of what was there before.

I can only hope that if I ever come out of this I'm not entirely alone.    


  1. I'll be your friend, Amy!

    You say you're empty, and I don't doubt that you feel that way, but I can tell from your writing -- you're still in there. Maybe smaller. Maybe squashed. Definitely different than "before". But you're still in there. And I really do hope to meet you some day.

  2. Thank you. We aren't that far, let's do it.

  3. Yes! Email me sometime: twirlkitten @ yahoo . com