Monday, March 12, 2012

Medication Issues, advice anyone

I'm sure lots of other's have experience taking pro.metrium.  My doctor prescribed it for the second half of my cycle each month.  I take 100 mg four times a day.

And it makes me sick.

In fact, my side effects are almost identical to first trimester pregnancy symptoms (and no, I'm not currently pregnant, so I know it's not that yet).  Everything from exhaustion, to nausea, to incredibly vivid dreams.

Eating seems to help, but not always.  The side effects seem to be worse from about 20 minutes after I take a pill to an hour after.  By the time I feel good again, it's usually time for the next dose.  

Anyone have any advice?   


  1. Are you talking about oral pills or suppositories? If it's the oral provera pills, they made me super sick too. I had a crazy fever for 3 days and as a result have never taken those pills again.

    Now I'm taking prometrium via suppository. Absolutely no side effects with these ones for some reason.

  2. Good question, I was taking them orally until yesterday...

    The side effects are significantly decreased, although I'm a little freaked out that they can be taken either way.

    How large is your dose?

  3. I'm supposed to shove 100mg twice a day - so total of 200mg. I think the suppositories can be taken in a lower dose because it gets absorbed directly into the womb where it is needed. And they don't travel through your digestive systems, so maybe that's why the side effects are decreased. Just a guess.

  4. Yea I was told to take them orally unless I get major side effects. I have heard if you take them as a suppository the side effects go away. Fortunately I don't get any side effects from them. I hope you feel better.

  5. Switching to supp helped a lot. Only problem now is my gums have been hurting like crazy. My RE swears this has nothing to do with pills, which is completely logical, but TTC sucks, everything seems to be a symptom of something....