Monday, April 16, 2012

OB Anxiety

I made my first OB appointment and now I'm a ball of anxiety.

The little voice in the back of my head is nagging and annoying, and I can be sure that it will remind me to cancel the appointment if... if...

I'm seeing a perinatologist. No more of this "oh, don't worry, bleeding is normal, we'll see you in four weeks" for me.  My nurse at the RE was a little skeptical because they normally only send multiples.  Yea, I get it, I don't fit nicely into your categories, but I'm wedging my way in, please don't make me use my elbows!

I guess I'm nervous because I had hoped to get the appointment for next week, but instead it will be the following week (which is when my RE wanted me to go anyway, for the record).

Deep breaths, lots of rest, lots of water, and less stress.  Much less stress.  


  1. We're both still here, miracles of miracles :)

    I haven't had to think about moving on yet, thankfully - I think since I'm seeing an RPL doc it's different than REs and she doesn't give the boot too fast. But I don't actually really know, I'm keeping my head in the sand and not asking too much about the future. I wouldn't even let her schedule our ultrasound for 2 weeks ahead, only the one for the next week. Yes, I'm a freak. What do they want from us, we're scared to death!!

    I'm working on that low stress thing too. Deep breaths.

    1. I don't blame you at all! My RE will see me until 12 weeks, but he wanted to make sure there was an overlap of care so I wouldn't be stranded, even for a few days.

      How often do you see your RPL doc?

  2. Hang in there...I feel your anxiety. I have it already and I'm not even pregnant again yet.

  3. I'm right with you, I have my first OB appt this thursday. I just lost one of my twins, and I have a big bleed, so I have been on bed rest and walking on egg shells afraid of losing baby A. I have so much anxiety I can barely breathe. Are you seeing Dr. Werlin?